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8" CMU Veneer

Jim Baird

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How many in this group have ever seen eight-inch concrete block used for masonry "veneer", laid up outside, and apparently wall-tied, judging from detritus laying about, to wood framed wall?

It is stuccoed, left several inches clear of every window and door opening, and plug ugly.

It is not known if there is enough footing projection. House is unfinished, owner-builder went bankrupt!

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I've actually seen it the other way. A post WWII CMU cottage in a town originally built to provide housing for returning GI's, where they built out a framed house about 3-1/2 times the size of the original around the original, leaving the original disguised. The tipoff was the 1' thick window wells and doorways. When I got into the attic, I found the original roof beneath the new in the attic. Felt like a paliantologist that had just found a mastadon skeleton.

OT - OF!!!


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