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Washing Machine Hose-Practice What You Preach

Greg Booth

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While puttering in my shop/office this morning (alas, no inspection scheduled), I received a call from one of my Park residents indicating she had a "little problem with a leak--some water on the floor". I debated whether to finish my coffee, but decided to check it out sooner rather than later. I could hear the water spraying as I entered the home-it was a blown washer supply hose. The washer is a compact stack, can't reach the supply valves without pulling the machine..........the machine's tub was full from the water careening about the alcove walls and ceiling.......no way could I move it. Under the home.......after shoveling 2feet of crusted snow blocking the crawl access.......I finally shut off the supply. Ended up sucking up over 40 gallons of water from the carpets. Replaced the supplies with new braid-reinforced hoses.

I always speak with clients about the potential for major damage caused by ruptured hoses.......discuss the various methods for minimizing the risk and urge them to follow through.

Did I mention that this home is a rental unit that I own--I'm gonna take care of my own home first thing tomorrow.

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http://www.watts.com/pages/_products_de ... sp?pid=603

I have a few of these installed. Dunno if they work because they've never burst.

Until recently I had a stupidly uninsulated piece of copper hot water supply in my crawl space, abandoned just above the floor behind a bath vanity after I made some changes. It burst during a freeze and started flooding the bathroom while my wife was in the shower. My daughter came in the office with a delighted look on her face and said Mommy wants me to come right away, there's water leaking. We had just cancelled a 4-day trip out of town due to poor weather. My calculation was that 17000 gallons of 120-degree water would have poured out on the floor (3 GPM well, propane tankless heater with 500 gallons of gas available) if this had occurred while we were gone. Sometimes I'm too stupid for my own good.

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Sometimes I'm too stupid for my own good.

Don't be too hard on yourself, Dave. My wife wife seems to say something similar to me all the time for stuff that's a lot less serious. I have to admit, in most instances she's right. I'm an absent-minded klutz.



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