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Ridge Vent


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I am considering having a ridge vent installed with my new roof. But one side of my shingle roof drops down to a flat roof over a porch. Of the roofers that I have spoken with since the flat roof is flashed up the fascia board there is no way to vent this. Does anyone know of a way that I can add fresh air venting(for the ridge vent) to this side of the house? If not will one side of the house with fresh air intake do any good without the other side providing fresh air intake?


Scott G.

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What Phillip said would be best, a continuous vent across the lower edge.

I have seen standard roof vents installed on the lower portion of the roof, on older houses where soffit venting is inconvenient or some other. The precaution there is that not all rafter bays are vented and there is a greater flow of runoff against the vents mounted low like that. But if it is done correctly, it won't leak, and any venting is usually better than none.

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