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Calling Norm the pool guy!


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...or anyone else who knows about pools.

I think I pretty much trashed this pool, but I'm wanting some second opinions...

One thing I've heard go both ways is air bubbles at the pump motor. If there are air bubbles there, what does this indicate..if anything. I see them both ways and have always wrote the presence of air bubbles up.

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The chattahoochie (spelling?) portion of the deck seems to have settled away from the pool shell and sandstone coping. There appears to be some differential settlement which creates a trip hazard. Since the deck isn't tied into the pool beam with re-bar I would guess the cracks don't radiate into the pool shell.

Unless there is a leaking valve, O-ring, gasket, or pipe connection on the suction side of the water circulation system there shouldn't be air in the hair/leaf trap. There is one exception to the above. If a pool cleaner is in use there may be some air in the hair/leaf trap due to the fact that the cleaner hose connections are not air tight.

The water level appears to be low. Typically the average water level is the mid-point of the tile boarder. Could be a leak. Could be normal evaporation.

It doesn't appear that the top of the pool light is 18" below the average water level. Unless the fixture is specifically approved for installation closer to the water level this is a violation of the NEC.


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