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Updated Pentax camera ...

Nolan Kienitz

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I'm a tad slow, but just came across information that the Pentax Optio W90 has been replaced with the Pentax Optio WG-1.

Some improvements and hopefully the battery has a bit more life than the one for the W90.

Regardless ... I really like my W90.

Optio WG-1

Noted prices at a smidge over $200 ... not too bad.

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I'm considering the purple one as well. [^]

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my W90, but the shape of the WG-1 is intriguing from a grip-ability (new word) standpoint. I was able to get what I call the W90 "camera condom" from Pentax. It is a rubbery sleeve that provides some extra "grip" on the W90.

The new shape and extra rubber bumpers on the WG-1 are likely a response to that from users.

I'm kinda like Kurt and his flashlights ! ... I've not yet pulled the trigger on the Olight M20 and may hang loose and get the WG-1 instead.

Can't say "why" for sure ... but it is giving me pause for concern/consideration. But then its like another hole in the head ... I really don't "need" it.

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