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iPad and the ICC

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It looks like it is possible with iTunes. So you would buy the PC version pdf of the IRC. Install on PC and then transfer to iPad.

Looks like the mac version pdf is simply an Ebook reader format for apple.

There are lots of free conversion utilities available to convert pdf to e-book format for your Nook, Kindle, iPad, whatever...

PDF to iTunes Transfer - 20.00

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I use Dropbox almost everyday, it is a great program.

The Ebook pdf version from what I can tell is not very great. It does not allow you to do much of anything other than just read the pages. You cannot copy and paste, print, etc..

I'm thinking of just buying the IRC 2012 in PDF for the PC and then shooting it over to the iPad via Dropbox.

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Yeah, nothing will let you do that. Some of the PDF readers will still read it, but you can't annotate or highlight.

There's PDF Expert and PDF Reader; they both allow you to read, markup, and fiddle with pdf's on your iPad.

Pdf Expert is excellent for specific things; you can take signatures on it for forms. Any form you have can be signed, "saved as", and then the original form used again.

Great for the inspection agreement, or any other form.

When you figure it out, post the solution; I'll probably do the same.

I've got my code check graphics imported into the graphic library. Is there any way to get the Code Check onto the iPad?

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From the ICC website:

PURCHASE THE PDF DOWNLOAD VERSION AND GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS!!! This convenient option is a searchable PDF download that requires Adobe? Reader? 8.0 or later. You must have this version to be able to load and access the product. The download is protected from duplication by Protectedpdf?. You are required to login to our secure server and register your copy. You will be able to install this software no more than two times as provided in the license agreement. Neither concurrent use on two or more computers nor use in a local area network or other network is permitted. These documents are for computer use only and are not compatible with Ipad, Android, or Blackberry devices.

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If you go Dropbox, how do they keep you from being able to read the pdf?

Making something incompatible with tablets shows pea brains are in charge at ICC.

"ICC......Making Sure You're Stuck in a Time and Place the World is Moving Away From!"

I'm mildly amazed that Code Check isn't available for tablets.

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OK, I just tossed the towel in and purchased the 2012 IRC for the iPad.

It is easy to read and move from chapter to chapter. You can bookmark pages, etc. but you can not copy and paste. It is like having the printed IRC but a little easier to read.

It opens in its own ICC App.

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