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Wisconsin Home Inspectors

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Excellent idea,I'm assuming that you have had to become somwhat of an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer for those of you who do not speak web techno bable) in the spider/Robot Algorithim game. I think It might be a great idea if we all got with The Hausdok and shared our websites with each other to satisfy the SE machines to our benefit.

I'll pass it by the admin or hausdok......

Thanks for the sites. Please feel free to incorporate mine. Wait I think i HAVE YOURS ALREADY AND HAVE NOT LINKED YOU UP YET!!!! Please forgive me, I'll get it up next week.

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I have been learning different SEO techniques and ideas and try different things here and there It's only been online a couple of weeks. It's already searchable by yahoo. Google has cached it already, but google has a time penalty in their algorithms. No matter what you do, you won't be ranked high if you are new. You just have to do the time, then you can start climbing the ladder toward the top.

The site can only help promote HI's in WI. I'll be submitting the site to realtors across the state as soon as I get enough inspectors on there to make it a viable resource for them to use. Hopefully they can add it to their favorites as a quick reference.

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