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  1. Can someone tell me what the heck this is??? I have saved this in my photo folder from a 100 inspections ago, and I keep seeing this damn photo again and again. Heck I don't even remember what type of building or the year it was built, but I'm pretty sure it was in Chicago....Elmwood Park maybe? Thanks guys, Brad Download Attachment: whatisthis.JPG 45.65 KB Download Attachment: this.JPG 46.36 KB
  2. Dear Bain, 1. You have no idea how many hands have hacked the electrical system of the house, so although you may think you have removed the power, The possibility exists from another source. 2. I don't know if youre married, you would be well off not to wear a wedding band or a metal cased watch. 3. As the gauge is conductive,God forbid you have an off day and Jam that bad boy into the Main Bus and off youself. I have seen to many people blow there fingers and hands off from there bodies, as well as find one individual dead. Please use extreme caution when you're in the Panel. Thanks.
  3. About the only time I recommend duct cleaning to clients is when the previous occupants were smokers or pet owners and the smell is the main concern. [:-crazy]
  4. OK, here's my 2 cents worth...... If it dose not interfere with the interior or exterior panel being flush, (as I love finding breakers that were jambed incorrectly onto the bus), or when I "wiggle test" them, they dont drop out of the panel and dangle on the conductor, I generally will not write different manufacturers breakers unless they are significantly hotter (via infra red themometer) than the originals.
  5. Chris, You are not alone. I too, use inspectvue and have had the same type of responces from Lorne......You need to update, your PDA is bad, your memory card is this, you did'nt do that, you were suppose to order a new disc, etc., etc., and I always cringe whenever their is an update for the software. I too would like to see more customer support from lorne and his staff. I can appreciate the fact that he has a business to grow, well, we all have business's to grow and when the program goes bad, and I can't use my PDA I have to resort to hand writing notes and relying on the digital photo's which takes an unprecedented amount of time. Time that I usually do not have,do to commitments to the clients and the professionals that have referred my services. Having said that, Lorne eventually gets to replying with helpful information as opposed to his default response of user error. If he and his staff would take the time to streamline the software to different geographical areas of the country, I'm sure he would solve the problems of everyone having to remove the California specific narratives and address more user specific needs at the same time.
  6. Darren, As much as I avoid walking on roofs, You may find this story interesting....... I was contracted by an attorney (one I have worked with on a regular basis) to do an inspection of a 2 story condo of about 20 units. Without going into a lot of details, the buildings' maintenance crew was lacking in their duties and the resident who I was dispatched to perform the inspection keep having sewer back-ups about every 3-4 months. Before the attorney could take legal action against the association or the city, he wanted to know why this might be happening. To make a long story short, I did find a roof access that had a ladder and no lock to seal the attic scuttle. As I made my way across the flat roof, I looked down all the vents and saw nothing unusual until I came upon the vent serving the two residents that were regularly flooding (sewer backup through shower, toilet, and bathroom sinks)and found the problem. Evidently, kids were getting on top of the roof, and throwing toys and other items down the vents and plugging them up. As you could imagine, the digital camera photos on the report were helpful for the attorney, as well as the plumbers who had been out there twice, and just never thought about the vents being plugged. So, yes Darren, since then (when I do feel safe about getting on a roof) I always look down the vents!!!
  7. Man, were getting old.......as I listen to the stories, I remember my first car was a 70 GTO my mom gave to me. It had head gasget damage and I learned everything about an engine that I ever wanted to know. It finally, after 160,000 miles had 2 dead cylinders and was also tired of working on it. I was on my way to a Rodney Dangerfield Show in Denver, CO. and a freak spring snowstorm showed up and I was involved in a big fender bender from road conditions and it totaled the car, and That was the end of my mucle car days. Brad
  8. I'm with you Randy!!! The Casio Exilim series is the ticket. Small to comfortably fit in your shirt pocket. Takes as many pictures as I want, pull out the SD card, load it into the laptop and I'm ready to rock. Between the Camera and PDA, It's all I need to accurately document anything. There a little pricey......but the convienance, portability, compactness and resolution is worth it!! Brad
  9. Brian, Your a godsend. I definitley need a NEC spiral and was shy about purcahsing the 05 at prices I was seeing advertised with ICC literature. Speaking of ICC, I have to test for the IRC electrical soon and that NEC 05 may come in handy since I'm a little rusty on my load calculations. Thanks for the tip !!!! Brad
  10. Garcha, As I attend yearly classes with Peoples Energy (Gas Utility)company in Chicago, it is Prohibited to use copper gas lines for natural gas. Evidently, As much as they attempt to insure its quality/purity, it inevitably will have sulphers that will corrode/deteriorate the inside of the tubing. I write it everytime as needing replacement. Brad
  11. Kevin, I use Inspectvue for my reports. It has an encrypted server for me to upload the reports to, and if my clients are absent, (In Washington, Aruba, or Switzerland) they can view the report from any terminal that has web access. This makes it great if their moving in from out of state as well and cannot be there for the inspection. It also gets everyone on the same page, by the next morning after the inspection by the client simply sharing the client name and password. I use my Website and then place an Icon on the desktop that automatically opens a secured browser to the server. Since I include Digital Photos in my report, my typical file is about 20megs. Most e-mail servers can only handle a banwidth of 10 megs. Hope that helps, Good Luck!!! Brad
  12. Wow Kurt, Tell us how you really feel???[:-paperba I usualy give options, Mold Test, or mold clean up? I never say "mold" (as advised by counsel) I say "mold like substance" and usually advise client's for plan "B" ......clean up. As I have established an excellent repore with a local fire, water and mold damage clean up specialist, I refer all my cliens to him and his crew. He does not show up in Nuclear fall out suits, and blasts it clean with a baking soda type abrasive and performs the entire remidial as far as the wood, drywall and insulation replacement. I have recieved nothing but comliments for recommending him and his services. Hey, we need to have lunch sometime, I was down in the City 5 times last week!!!![:-glasses
  13. I hear you guys on the "walking the roof" issue, I just have troubles with falling. If the roof pitch is too great, or if we have snow or ice I usually taks a pass. God only knows, we go out to inspections when we may not be at our best physically and somtimes I even find myself going (to keep my family fed) when I'm on anti-biotics and have no right what so ever to be on a ladder, much less a roof.[:-boggled As I have also succumbed to self [:-bigeyes guilt, I decided to go out one day to Bass Pro Shop and Pick myself up the biggest binoculars that $300.00 could get me. I have a huge pair of Nikon 16 X 50 power/commando binoculars with all the trimmings, including cross chest sliding harness. It gives me a FOV of 170ft. @ 1000yards So if I'm at 50 yards away from the house, It's As though I'm looking through a microscope at the granular make up of the shingles. So, Although I may not see the backside of a pluming vent or any perticular penetration, I do get a fairly accurate account of whats happening with the roof. As far as the tree in such close proximaty to the home, that should be a red flag, right off the batt,not only potential roof damage, but to be cautious when entering the attic, as little furry creatures are probably living with the current occupants. Brad
  14. Dear Donald, i myself saw one the other day and thought how cool. They were used in a re-roof/re-insulation job by a local contractor here in the Chicago Burbs. Not sure if the buyer bought the house, but would be more than happy to get the info if they did, and would have the documentation showing who the manufacturer was or who the roofer was that installed them. Although I do not remember them on the soffit apex, I do remember them on the soffit eaves. I thought that it was impressive to see the vent channels (in the attic), glow from the amount of light the soffit vents were allowing in and how I thought the roofing would last due to the excellent ventilation and insulation (batt and fill)that was around R-45. I'll follow up and will keep my eye open out for you as well. Brad
  15. Yeah, What kurt said! Let's get that perfect world thing going.....Can we unite to actually drive the performance guidelines of builders and developers. Is that an unreasonable dream? I think not. Fireman drive codes, Builders and Achitects drive codes, the government drives codes. Why can't drive a couple of codes of our own for inspection purposes and continuity (no pun intended)? Ok, I need to go to bed and stop ranting.........
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