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Homexam Business For Sale

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I know some here are familiar with the reference book The User-Friendly Home, written by Larry Reavis. It's an outstanding resource that I've been using for eight years. Every buyer gets one. My boilerplate is keyed to it.

A few months ago, I got this email from Larry's wife Joie. It's posted with permission. This seems like a great opportunity for an inspector who's looking to transition to a related business.

"You may have heard that Larry Reavis recently passed away. He updated The User Friendly Home book this past year so this edition will be useful for several years yet. Family and friends are helping with maintaining the business, but we would like to sell Homexam, Inc. to professional home inspectors who can research, edit and market the materials appropriately.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact us.


Joie, Caroline, Martin, and Ananda Reavis

Homexam, Inc.

350--35 N El Camino Real

Encinitas CA 92024


Larry was an incredible guy. Whoever ends up buying the business will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

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I'm really saddened to hear this, and a bit surprised that his passing went unnoticed (by me at least). Larry was a gentle giant in this business. I've saved some of the non-technical things he wrote that were very inspiring and enlightening. His technical stuff was also amazing. He made major contributions, and was very humble at the same time. I do hope the family finds someone worthy to carry on his work.

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