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Age of Williamson Furnace


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How can I find the age of a Williamson Temp-o-matic furnace?

model# T-164-183, serial# D9030849.

I haven't gotten a response from the Williamson company.


From what I can tell, Williamson is an off shoot or subsidiary (purchased by) of Weil-Mclain, who never made furnaces, just boilers and now has furnaces as well as green boilers with the Williamson name and all the trimmings of a Weil-McLain, including the CP# on a sticker someplace near the dataplate.

Looks like this.

Click to Enlarge

26.19 KB

In this case, the QC sticker above is a giveaway but they aren't always there/visible. With the WM's they have a page on their website under the "Resources/professional tools" where you type in the CP # and get the date of manufacture. Can't find a similar page on the Williamson site but you should be able to call their tech support and give them the CP #. Nothing in the serial #'s correlates to the date of manufacture.

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