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  1. You implied it takes skill to bounce ladders. I implied all it takes is dismissing intelligence. I've done it, lots of times; I wasn't thinking when I did it. It's a fools activity. Nice guy. You don't know me or my activities, yet you feel you can call me a fool. I've always wondered about you and a few others on this forum. Now after a couple of recent threads, it's confirmed. Thanks.
  2. Jim K.-Most eaves I've come across are only about 20' from ground level. If it's a gable you're referring to, just run the ladder up whilst on the gutter and walk it around the corner. There's no need to climb over an eave on the gable anyway, is there? Kurt, I don't understand your comment. Bill, don't worry I won't be near your home and I didn't say "Ropies" don't have any skills. I may have implied it though. I apologize for that. Jim M. -How do you know it's "a whole lot less professional" if you've never seen it done? I don't consider putting the rope back on the ladder maintenance. I've never had the need to "bounce" the ladder on an inspection anyway. I hope this answers all your questions and concerns. It doesn't change my original answer though. "I find that it gets in the way. I can put mittens on the tips and "bounce" them up to the extension I want. Just general preference I suppose."
  3. I don't know what all the hub-bub is about. There's just some who have skills and some that don't. It's not an issue getting around the eaves if you think outside the box. It doesn't cause any more damage than the ladder does leaning on the gutter and you have to remember the ladder mittens. To each his own, no ropes for me and if not on someone else's house then whos?
  4. I always charged "extra" but it was not optional. I figured a 2000 sqft house with a crawlspace cost more to inspect than one on a slab.
  5. You bounce it up. Stand on the ground, extend it manually a few rungs and bounce it up as needed. Ropes are problematic. That's it. Once it is beyond your reach you start climbing and bouncing at the same time. I've not had to use a fiberglass ladder before but it's probably a little too heavy and stiff for this technique.
  6. Why's that? I find that it gets in the way. I can put mittens on the tips and "bounce" them up to the extension I want. Just general preference I suppose.
  7. I've habitually removed the rope on the first day of anything 32' or under.
  8. Being vacant and unheated I presume? Would the lack of heat and the presence of caustics cause excessive corrosion??
  9. I was in one similar to this on a warm summer day but it was "comfortable" in the attic. Maybe 90 degrees? As far as the drawbacks of no ventilation, I have no opinion.[:-paperba
  10. And it winds down to the fact that no particular tradesman is responsible for giving it a finished look when the house is completed. This builder needs a good punch-out guy.
  11. enduro (6-24 hour) mt bike racing night mt bike racing cyclocross racing
  12. you tried Google, right? I did and it said to call the company Did it look like an '03 model? That would be my initial guess.
  13. I have yet to see the style in question either installed or on the shelf but have seen the type that protect the slots.
  14. outrageously expensive too! http://www.faucet.com/kohler-k-923-mode ... Mgodb24ATw
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