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bootleg ground. Observation, concerns and question

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I checked a few receptacles today for bootleg grounding in a 1974 home and found a few as seen on the pictures. I even got a 120 reading when checked the screw just for the heck of it (second pic).

I also checked the range and dryer receptacles. As expected, I got the 240 v. reading when I checked the 2 lines and 120 v. when checked seperatly with the neutral. Where it gets interresting is, I also got a 120 v. reading when I checked the lines with the ground.

Now, the way to get this reading is if the ground conductor is bonded with the neutral in the panel or, the receptacles were previously wired using 3 wire cables and someone changed the receptacle to accomodate newer ranges and bootleged the ground.

The issue that I have with this is that the appliance's body, being most likely bonded, could get energized if a voltage surge occurs and would pose a serious risk of electric shock. (same concerns on any bootleged 120 v. outlets).

What about you guys, what do you think of the energized ground on the 240 volts receptacles?

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Photos 1 and 2 show normal conditions. I can't tell which prong is which in photos 3 and 4 but on a 240 outlet you're supposed to get 120 between either hot wire and the EGC, just as you will get 120 between either hot wire and the neutral.


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How are you determining a 'bootleg' ground?

Your tester looks like a simple 'wiggy' (solenoid tester). A wiggy can't determine a bootleg ground. As far as it is concerned the ground is the same as the neutral.

You need a Sure Test or whatever Ampeg calls their device, even then if you're close to the panel it wll give false readings. At that point you will have to pull the receptacle to observe the actual wiring.

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