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Seoprene cable, outdoor rated


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I came across this electric cable that I haven't seen before, Seoprene made by Southwire. They say it is approved to be installed in dry conditions temperature dependant, wet conditions, oily, submersed, etc. but it doesn't say any thing about installed outside.

Am i right in saying it should not be run up a downspout, across a roof, to a heat tape j-box in the soffit?

http://www.southwire.com/ProductCatalog ... catsheet18

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That's cord, not cable. It's supposed to be used for a few very specific purposes - mostly when you need to have flexibility or when you need to feed a machine that vibrates a lot. It's not supposed to be secured to the building and it's not supposed to be used as a substitute for fixed wiring. If you have access to the NEC, you can read all about what is and isn't allowed in 400.7 and 400.8.

The installation in your picture is absolutely and without question wrong.

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