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Mold in concrete block

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I Had a water leak thru cracked concrete window sill.  there were a few small spots of mold on drywall and 1x4 that I removed completely.  The block had mold on exterior that I cleaned appropriately, thus I removed all the visible mold.  My question is, if there is mold inside the cracked window sill, what should I do about it?  Is there a way to clean inside the crevice safely? Or, if I seal the block completely with either elastometric or epoxy, will that suffice - essentially creating a "tomb? For the cracked sill (sealing mold inside).  I figure the mold dies ibside the block once I seal out moisture -especially if I properly stucco and drylock to keep out moisture.  But ..will that help with the smell.  Im certain part/most of the smell is because the wall is open with no drywall and the block is still cracked and open.  Is it an appropriate response to deal with it this way?   Is mold inside a window sill even a thing?  By the way, 2 important pieces of info.  Mold is not the toxic kind - per home lab swab.  Also, I see the fix as temporary - until I can replace the sill completely when I replace the window (16 week backlog apparently).

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