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Hear any good ones lately?

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One day, this guy goes into a diner, accompanied by a large ostrich.

They sat down at the counter, when the waitress came, the gentleman ordered a hamburger, fries and a large coke. The ostrich had the same.

At the end of the meal, the waitress presented a check for $9.23, the man put his hand in his pocket and pulled out exactly $9.23

This went on the entire week, each day ordering the same thing and each day the man would put his hand in his pocket and retrieve the exact amount.

When Friday arrived and they sat down, the waitress said, "I guess you'll be having the usual".

The man replied, "Oh no, today is Friday, I 'll have a steak, baked potato and a shake. Of course, the ostrich had the same.

When they were done eating, the bill came out to $27.47 . The man stuck his had in his pocket and pulled out exactly $27.47 .

The waitress was in awe! She asked the man how was it that he always had the exact amount in his pocket?

The good natured fellow went on to explain that he had once found a magical lamp, and when he rubbed it a genie appeared and granted him two wishes.

For his first wish, he wished that no matter what, he would be able to have whatever amount of money he needed.

The waitress commented how smart that was, better than asking for a million dollars, as he would never run out of money this way!

She then asked, " but what's with the ostrich"

The man replied, "oh, that was my second wish. I wished for a young chick, with long legs and a big a_s that always agreed with whatever I did.


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