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The December edition of Mg-Magazine is currently available on-line for registered users of Magnesium.com.

This month's issue features an update on trends in the market that could affect prices, consumer safety and new technologies and products being patented.

Industry trends from export taxes to anti-dumping decisions and production facility closures will all affect the magnesium market

in the next year. We look at some of the industry's recent events. A recent auto accident emphasizes the need for consumer and emergency response team awareness when dealing with cars containing magnesium parts and



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I hear the question marks. What the hey. Guess he felt we'd have an interest in it, so I left it. There's probably something there that can teach us all a thing or two. Not about home inspections, but one never knows when information about magnesium is going to come in handy. Might be good topic for keeping the distracting client distracted.



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