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Stucco/EIFS specialist


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Does anyone know a really good stucco and/or EIFS specialist within a few hundred miles of Lexington? I checked out a 750K house yesterday with stucco on the original portion and EIFS on the rear, two-story addition. As you can see from the photos, water was oozing out of the stucco in one area and dripping down onto the driveway. The rear addition is packed with windows because our reservoir is just beyond the backyard and the view is spectacular. The EIFS merely abutted all of the windows. There was no evidence of backer rods and appropriate caulking, the interior walls were water stained, and there was evidence of exterior movement in the substrate.

The buyer will likely walk, but may need a more detailed assessment by a specialist to do so. Without the luxury of x-ray vision, the only option I'm aware of that will allow definitive analysis is to rip the cladding off and start over. But of course that may cost a few bucks . . .

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Mr. Bain, you are the expert. What is anyone else going to say that you haven't?

Definitive analysis? With the wealth of EIFS information available, no one needs to be tearing the cladding off. How much more expert do you have to be to pronounce this a total mess?

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Actually that was one the few enjoyable aspects of the gig--telling the client to Google EIFS water damage for both articles and images. I knew he'd be bombarded with info.

What you say is true, Kurt. But the house has been on the market for awhile and the seller may take the position that the sales contract is valid so long as he makes any and all repairs.

We both know that the only real way to determine the extent of the damage is to rip off the cladding, but the seller may find a bozo contractor who takes an idiotic counter-position. Look at all the windows in this baby. I guarantee you there's gunked up wood all over the place.

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No guarantee necessary, Brother Bain; you got it nailed.

What repairs could the seller possibly offer that would make this "OK"?

I could imagine that confusion a few years back, but not nowadays; too much info saying the stuff is bad. Really, really bad.

It's all wrong, it's going to stay wrong, and I feel bad for the poor bloke that plunked down good money for this turkey. He acted in good faith, and unfortuneately, he's now on the receiving end of a horrible drubbing.

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