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  1. It is not only a stucco thing! Most window mfgrs. have it in their installation specs no matter what the cladding is.
  2. No backer rod and sealant joints around the windows. ASTM spec and most window mfgr. spec. Stucco before the sheet rock is hung is a good way to have alot more cracks. Not only from the nailing of the rock but the house adjusting to the weight. 2 layers of moisture barrier as others have mentioned. Control joints/expansion joints. The basecote looks real thin!
  3. http://www.mnlath-plaster.com/listing/S ... Constr.pdf Minn. has it figured out.
  4. Look at page # 5 If they are not installed to the mfgrs. specs when they leak the homeowners insurance will not pay to fix things. http://www.pella.com/lowes_thermastar/t ... pdf#search
  5. It is not just for use when stucco is there it is all claddings. Look at page# 5 http://www.pella.com/lowes_thermastar/t ... pdf#search
  6. Here is another one. http://www.mnlath-plaster.com/listing/S ... Constr.pdf And here is thier check list. http://www.mnlath-plaster.com/listing/S ... cklist.pdf
  7. Another install link. http://www.robinsonbrick.com/products/r ... lGuide.pdf
  8. http://buildscanir.com/index.php
  9. I see some more leaky houses on the horizon!
  10. The ES report http://www.icc-es.org/reports/pdf_files ... R-1474.pdf
  11. I wonder what happens to it if it comes in contact with cement/mortar.
  12. It says not to use it with stucco and EIfs. And with brick it only needs a 1/2 inch airspace? And on down a few pages it gets into the flashing detais!
  13. Read about half way down on page #2 http://huberwood.com/zip/zipwall/pdfs/2 ... %2040D.pdf
  14. What do you think of it Mike? For stucco application to meet ASTM specs wouldn't there still need to be another layer? And they did not show flashing or window and door installation.
  15. Moisture barrier is good practice but it does not have to be tyvek. Imo
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