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Newer Roof

Danny Pritchard

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Did an inspection today on a small office building.The inside had been gutted so only a shell remained.I met the listing agent who let me in.He then proceeded to tell me how the A/C,electric and roof had all been replaced in the last few years.He did this while standing below the area of the attached picture.Yes, that is water running down the wall.The decking in the picture is not as bad as some of the other areas where 2x4's were used to keep it from falling down.

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I've never had a problem w/ a commercial realtor. They tend to be bigger pricks & definitely more sharklike, but they aren't into snowjobs. They tend to be obnoxious, but they are honestly obnoxious.

When one states the roof is in horrible condition, the commercial realtor doesn't (usually) dispute it. They may say "tough turds, price stays the same", but at least they don't drag in some roofer that fell off a turnip truck to say its fine.

They tend to know less than residential realtors, if that's possible, but are quite interested in investment value, which is where we come in.

Never had a problem w/ a commercial cretin wanting me to "be fair to the building".

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Originally posted by a46geo

Originally posted by kurt

They tend to know less than residential realtors, if that's possible,

How in the hell can they get themselves into the minus column like that .. without surgery?

The average residential realtor doesn't want to know; see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil..... While working hard to "not know", they manage to glean some tidbits of knowledge that they would never let on they know, unless of course, they are buying the house.

The average commercial realtor just doesn't care. When you start talking technical stuff, they literally don't hear it because it just doesn't show up on their radar. If something does stick, they tend to move to negotiations before they try to blow smoke over the whole mess. High pressure sales, but not necessarily dishonest. They know the #'s that have to be hit, & that is their target.

W/ the residential types, I've found that it's almost a game for them; if they can put one over on someone, they think it's smart & good business.

These are gross generalizations, that unfortuneately, I've found to be true in most cases.

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