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Ground rod location

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I looked at a new home today where the main disconnect was located on the left wall of the home next to the meter.The ground wire was connected to the footing rebar on the right wall approximately 50' away.Normally this type connection is all located together on the same wall within a few feet of each other.My thought was that before the footers were poured whoever placed the rebar for the ground did not know the location of the panel.Normally this is done by the building contractor or whoever places the rebar and not the electrician.Is there a distance requirement for connecting to a ufer?

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Thanks for the respnse Douglas.It looked like someone screwed up to me.An additioal ground rod near the meter is probably out of the question since the AHJ has approved this setup.

Yes, I heard something on the local news about assosciating our name with the Jacksons and the possible negative connotations.Hopefully by the time the Super Bowl gets here all that will be forgotten.I'm confident that those in charge of the Super Bowl locally will not allow crotch grabbing ,overexposed entertainers at the event.

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