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Departures from SOP's

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"The crawlspace under the xxxxxxx does not have an access hatch; there is no way to inspect the crawlspace, structure, or other system or component located in the crawl. In my experience, if there are problems in a house, they are very often found in the/a crawlspace. Provide access to the & call me back to reinspect the crawlspace."

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Ok, so I guess the answer to that is yes. If item is not readily accessible then better warn them there could be problems and they better have it inspected.

I had a claim a few years ago with a flooded crawlspace. The client did not follow my advice to get it drained and inspected and then after he moved in and was having some problems went into the crawlspace and found a bunch of common stuff. After I pointed out to him that the inspection report stated that he should have had the crawlspace made accessible and then have it inspected, he went away.

Chris, Oregon

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