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Looking to Apprentice in So. Florida

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Hi all

New to the site and am glad I found it. Thanks Mike.

I live in South Florida and have been building and wiring server racks for a local company for the past 4 years. Its been a good job for a real good company. The only problem is that I spend 3 - 5 months overseas in Europe doing the work. It was fun and exciting at first, but I've since settled down with a wonderful girl and a beautiful house in Hollywood, FL. As you might imagine I'm not to keen on leaving the woman I love to fend for herself come hurricane season and I'm ready to settle down as well.

I am seriously looking into home inspection as a line of work. It looks like it would be good honest work that could even evolve into ones own business.

I would love to learn as much 'Hands On' as possible. The only way to do that I figure is to apprentice, ride along, or work for a company.

I have great people skills and am a responsible, honest man of 35.

If you live down here in Florida and think you may have an oppurtunity or know a guy or a company... well I'd be mighty thankful.

Thanks for your time and consideration and thanks again to Mike for this great resource.


-Jade Bos

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