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I had replaced the fan motor on my compressor. It would run for about 5 minutes then the fan would cut off and about a minute later the compressor would cut off. I thought it was simple enoguh to unbolt a fan and compressor, but maybe I was wrong. Called the local HVAC guy and he came to look last friday. He said the capacitor I got with the motor was not big enough. He replaced the cap, still had the same problem. He tested the motor and said it was pulling 17 amps and it was rated for only 0.9 amps. The motor was bad. So, he ordered a new motor. He was having problems coming back and told me if I wanted to pick it up and have it taken care of he understood. I went to get the motor and hooked the wires up correctly and still had the same problem. Compressor ran on low for about 2 minutes, then jumped to high speed. ABout 2 minutes later, the fan shut off then the compressor shut off about a minute later. So I have 2 brand new motor and 2 new capacitors($660) and still have no AC. ANy ideas??? It is a Bryant unit, the model number ends ABAA. If anyone has suggestions, it would be great appreciated!!![:-party]

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