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Proper waste pipe support


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Originally posted by CHI2

Just wondering. Does everyone call plumbers tape used to support waste pipe on new construction? I know Code Check recommends solid blocking, but I rarely see it. I'm not sure if my local jurisdiction allows plumbers tape as suppport.

Thanks again!

Plumber's tape is fine as long as there's also something to prevent the pipes from moving upward. Around here, they typically use 2x4 braces.

If the pipes are plastic, they should be protected from the sharp edges of the plumber's tape. (Though I've never seen the slightest evidence of damage when there's no protection.)

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Thanks Jim, I never see protection from damage as well. These today were just hung with tape wrapped around once and screwed together. I've been calling it lately and haven't heard a complaint, but the plumbing contractor was there today and he said that hanging with the tape is ok. But when I read the code books.....that's not what they say.

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