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"Palm Tech" report time

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I'm trying to shorten the time it takes to complete my reports. The palm tech report is plenty detailed and my average report takes around two hours to complete back at the office.

I have the portable computer but don't want to use it on site as I believe 2 1/2 - 3 hours for an average house is as long as I can keep the home buyers attention.

I have the "inspection designer" version 3 and have been using this system for almost two years. Many of the comments are written from scratch while the rest are my boiler pate that is somewhat modified.

I'd like to cut a little time away from the current 5+ total hours for each house. Any Ideas?

David A.

T.G.I.F. Getting really tired in Columbus Ohio

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Monte, Lately I've been using the Jornida to imput information as I go. It does cut down on the inspection time and should reduce it further as I get better at typing as I walk.

I have a problem with the screen in sunlight. My associate is trying the smaller PDA which is better outside. But I like the larger size and was wondering if the newer model simular in size to the Jornida would be worth considering.

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