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Potable Water Testing


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Last July I inspected a home which had some water leakage issues in the crawlspace along the attached garage foundation wall. This is where the water service is located. The client ended up not buying. At the time I recommended calling the water utility company to investigate further, (Verbally) knowing the water company would test it to make sure it's not there water especially since it would probably be leaking before the meter.

Got a call today from another buyer's realtor asking about the same issue. Don't know how they got my report from last year, or knew that I did the inspection. I told her pretty much the same thing, and also suggested my services for her client.

I am wondering if anyone does their own chlorine testing, or other testing to determine if leakage could be from a potable water supply. I'm trying to make contact with a technician from the water company to see what exactly they use.

Just thought I would ask...


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I don't do water testing but some do. Don't know if they use it for that purpose.

She got the report because your buyer's realtor probably sold it to her.

I wouldn't tell her anything othe than the report is outdated and confidential. If she wanted my opinion, I'd be happy to sell it to the new buyer along with a new inspection.

You can get your toes stepped on telling em anything about someone elses inspection.

Why didn't you write your recommendation in your report? Verbal doesn't exist when the fan hits the -- or do I have that backwards.

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