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Brandon Whitmore

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All single ply pvc ,tpo hypalon ect have a scrim and you can see the grid pattern on all of them. And the scrims are not made of fiberglass it is most likely polyester or nylon. They are all still being installed and could be any number of manufactures or types.

A closer pic of the details may help.

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No probem. The marks on the sheet are for fastener placement and setting the lap. Im not sure of the brand but if I had to guess id say PVC.

I dont think alot of roofers put on tpo in residential yet, its a fairly new product.

Sometimes the only way to tell is to try and weld a peice of pvc to it. If it doesnt stick its tpo.

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Originally posted by BornaRoofer

Thats incorrect.

Most manufactures have coated metal for all welded membranes.

Ive seen thousands upon thousands of feet of tpo metal.

BornaRoofer has given accurate replies every time.

Even Hypalon is a weldable membrane and the only subtle differences in a visual inspection is the grid patterns of the polyester reinforcement scrim sheets, but the scrims are typically farmed out from a few select suppliers and tossed into that particular companies thermoplastic formulation for providing that brand with the tensile strength desired.

Any evidence of seam lap sealant or drippage of a whitish hypalon coating to re-activate the menbrane lying around on the roof near any seams?


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