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A bit of background first:

The house suffers a broken pipe second floor that floods the first floor of a Cape. Clean up and repairs complete, the water issues have been dealt with by a national clean-up comapny. Part of the cleqan up was to apply a polyeurithane to the ceiling of the basement, which is the first floor frame.

A year and a half later, a fungus is growing on the eurathane A nice white and pale green color. Moisture levels are in the 10 to 12% range on the unsealed stair stringers. Anyone have a clue as to why? Or even has anyone seen this ? One thought was it was a reaction between the sealer and the cleaning chemical, but it looks like it is originating on the surface[?]

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well, the real industrial stainkillers are alcohol based shellac and mold loves it!

The other consideration is it was varnish and that is a food source. My opinion - it was a dumb move that I would expect from a "skilled homeowner" not a professional mold for gold company.

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