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Siding to grade

B Johnson

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Some of you may have seen this over at Inspection News.

Does anyone know of black and white requirements for the grade to siding distance of steel or vinyl siding? I usually go with the 6" recommendation, but lately I've been seeing a lot of vinyl and steel right down to the grade. Seems like a bad idea, but so far I've struck out finding anything. The 'Vinyl Siding Installation How to Guide' has no mention of it (that I could see at least) nor do the IRC or IBC.

Whether a requirement exists obviously changes the tone and wording in the report.


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swarga: Good idea! Note for future reference: The VSI does not offer tech assistance. They tell you to call the manf. Which is what I did.

Certainteed confirmed that there is no written requirement, but they don't recommend installations where they could come into contact with the ground or splash area....so I guess that 6 inches is a good distance with vinyl as well. I mentioned that they might want to start putting the distance to grade requirement in their instructions. I'm not going hold my breath.

So....no requirement....just common sense (Uh oh). Guess I'll just mention it as one of the 'while not a requirement...good idea/practice' calls.


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