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News Program Takes a Swipe at Inspectors in MO


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I did hear the homeowner also state that the contractors are not required to be licensed. At least people are starting to realize that issue.

That whole situation is one reason that I go off on tangents. If I am required to be licensed so what, I will get it and I will pass the cost on to the consumer like every other business. BUT! When a contractor is in my face telling me, and writing letters to his congressman about how he believes that HI’s should require a state license when he is not…[:-censore…. It’s laughable and proves to me why exactly we need HI’s.

I feel a little better.


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I'm always shocked when the 1st home inspector did not find MOLD growing inside the wall, AND the 2nd inspector with a moisture meter, IR thermal imager and the drywall stripped off was able to find the problem. Damn the luck.

This is the realtors, the Bolivar legislator and members of MAHI (Missouri ASHi Home Inspectors - I think that what it stands for) getting ready to try to push it again this year.

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