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Buderus Boiler Date Identification?


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I went over to the site and found it in about 30 seconds under the tab that says "finding serial numbers." I don't think you have the correct number; at least not if one goes by Buderus' own instructions. Go to this link to learn how to locate the numbers.

Here are the instructions. I had to reformat them a little to work here. I'll add this to the serial number decoding chart:

Buderus serial numbers for boilers and tanks each consist of 18- 27 digits with clear, consistent patterns divided by dashes. The format for the serial number depends on the product manufacture date.

1. The first format of a Buderus serial number has four series of numbers separated by dashes and looks like this:


The first sequence of numbers is the product part number- this is an ST200 DHW Tank

The next series is the product version or series and consist of two digits- this was in the 00 series of boilers.

The third series of numbers is the Manufacture date- this tank was manufacutred on the 80th day of 2007, so the first digit signifies the year and the next three signify the day of the year - ex. 005, 065, 365

The last set is the manufacturing date Sequence (four or five digits)- code for the identifying the the series of boilers made that day.

The second format of a Buderus serial number (may show an “)â€

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Mike -

Thanks for looking into this. This is the first Bulderus boiler I have run into. I recorded the engraved model number and serial number "exactly" as they appeared on the unit. Who would of thunk that they had multiple tags and model numbers and serial numbers? Bunch of bul. I have a call into the manufacturer now to see if anyone in their customer service group can fill in the blanks based on the tag #'s I recorded. If and when they get back to me I will share whatever I'm told with the forum.

Thanks again for all of your contributions to the forum.

Dave Tontarski

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