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Ridgid's New SeeSnake® microEXPLORER™


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20081129141435_SeeSnakeMicroExplorer.jpgAbout a year and a half ago, you read about the then new Ridgid SeeSnake® microâ„¢ inspection tool and camera here on TIJ. Well, Ridgid has been improving that device and has come out with the new RIDGID® microEXPLORERâ„¢ Digital Inspection Camera; another powerful, handheld, video inspection system that’s portable enough to be carried anywhere.

The original SeeSnake® microâ„¢ has been improved by increasing the size of the display from 2.4 to 3.5" and the ergonomics of the handle and controls have been improved to make holding and using the device more comfortable. Also, instead of the 1 to 2 LED's used for lighting on the original SeeSnake micro, this one has four.

According to Ridgid's website, "This completely digital platform allows you to perform and record detailed visual inspections of hard to reach areas. The microEXPLORERâ„¢ digital inspection camera allows you to offer more services and provides you the tools you need to detect and diagnose the unreachable."

More details about the system are available by clicking here.


  • Display: 3.5" Color LCD (320 x 240 resolution)
  • Image Capture: JPG Images (1280 x 1024)

    AVI Video (320 x 240)

  • Recording Medium: Internal Memory or SD Card
  • Additional Ports: USB and SD card
  • Image Controls: Pan, Zoom, Self Leveling, Low Light Vision
  • Lighting: 4 Fully Adjustable LEDs
  • Camera Diameter: 0.7" (17 mm)
  • Cable Reach: 3' (expandable to 30' w/optional extensions)
  • Waterproof: Camera & Cable to 10' (when properly assembled)
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (4 Hours of Continuous Run Time)
You can see a short video with a very annoying and repetitious guitar rip soundtrack here.

Ridgid is currently giving 16 of these away during weekly drawings. To enter the drawing, click here.

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I just saw that thing a couple of days ago. It looks great, but it's $600.00+. To rich for my blood.

Some nice improvements over the original version.

Keep the image capture, Lion batt. and larger screen size.

Get rid of the video capture, pan, zoom and expansion slot (for future use) and get this doggie below $350.00.

Or you could try to be one of the lucky weekly contest winners:


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