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  1. To answer the question - Weld brackets to the steel column and beam then bolt the brackets to the concrete. To answer the question that wasn't asked - I wouldn't bother doing anything.
  2. You'd be hard pressed to convince me that banks have someone on staff who knows a little about construction and actually goes out to these properties to verify that proper work has been done.
  3. I'd take the approach that gravity is pretty much the same today as it was in 1979. Therefore I see no reason why today's generally accepted practices should not apply to a 37 year old deck.
  4. Timbor's label states that it does not treat or prevent mold. Boracare data sheet has no information specific to the treatment of mold. Foster's products such as their 40-80 or Fiberlock's Shockwave on the other hand are EPA registered and specified for the treatment of mold.
  5. Those are pretty common here. In my book they're pretty much useless. Anything that can easily block up with airborne particles is bad news. Problem can be that you install good ventilation provisions then someone will squawk about it looks - e.g. they want the soil over the siding so the foundation isn't visible.
  6. But you would still have a damaged bottom chord. I expect that what a manufacturer might say and what could be done to reasonably "get by" would not be the same solution.
  7. Unless there's evidence that the block columns are not on footings I wouldn't do anything. Perfection can be a difficult and costly thing to achieve when close enough can work just fine.
  8. Agreed. I'd be more interested in what a qualified plumber would say. I'd be punting onto his shoulders.
  9. An assumption or factual?
  10. I don't see the value in having the install docs since there are existing problems - no matter what they said they'd still be rather irrelevant.
  11. Sure it could. We've all seen crazy stuff that had muni approval. The appropriate question is whether there's any way it could be correct? That would have a different answer.
  12. Thanks for pointing this out Mike. Not remembering ever having said this I fished around and found it in my own website - it is text that my website manager found and inserted. Shame on me for not screening it out. I will have it removed el pronto and give the rest of the text another look. BTW - I'm now off the ASHI Board.
  13. Why contractors want to put their name on such work is beyond me.
  14. Robert - It's due to such conditions that I include the following in my report; "Please be aware that even roofs that appear to be satisfactory can still leak. So while the inspection may not find a concern there can still be a bit of an unknown over the roof's ability to shed water." This helps set the client's expectation of my inspections.
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