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The advice has been given many times here on TIJ to seek out a professional editor to review stuff we have on our web pages, brochures, flyers, boiler plates, etc. I always thought that would be a good idea, but where do you go to hire an editor?

Well it recently occurred to me that I know a professional editor. She edits a local magazine, has worked for various newspapers and been in the editing/writing biz most of her life. So I called her to see if she would be willing to take a look at some of my stuff. I e-mailed it over, she made the changes in red – emailed it back – and the fee was very reasonable. I asked if she would be interested in working with other HI like me. She said she would.

So I don’t mean to sound like a commercial – but I thought some others on this board might be interested in and benefit from access to a pro copy editor. Especially those of us with web pages.

For the sake of full disclosure: I know Lisa socially, but have no financial or personal involvement with her or her business and gain nothing from passing her info along.

Her name is Lisa Adams and here is her e-mail:


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Well I edited mine, then my cousin, a friend and a neighbor. This was actually one of the first pieces of advice I was given here, and I think the first I ignored and the first I realized I was stupid for doing so. If you guys don't mind, can you tell me what is reasonable? PM if you want. thanks.

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I guess I was lucky, I inspected the house across the street from me for a single female client. Well I didn't know it at the time, but she worked for the newspaper as a writer while attending law school. She and my wife became friends and being the nice person she is looked at all my stuff and did the corrections for me. Sort of a two for one special!

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