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Return Air Space

Danny Pritchard

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Is that filter on the side the return air inlet?

Is this a category IV appliance?

Never mind. I assume electric judging from the hot water heater. I'm not used to seeing those out here.

I'll butt out now. Manufacturer's specs would rule. The door is most likely big enough to allow sufficient return air. 25% of the area of a wood louvered door is the rule of thumb for combustion air. Functionally it should apply here too for the return volume.

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Looks like FHP is big in geo-thermal Danny. Tried finding some installation manuals, no luck. You know for sure that there is no where near enough room for sufficient return air stuffed that close to the h/w htr, what was the delta t on a/c mode? Manufactures also call for clearance on the front back and sides for servicing, yours looks way too tight. You would have to default to the manufacture specs.

Is the plastic line on the TPR valve pvc or cpvc? Also, no more than 4 90's.

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