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How to find a program on my PC

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The report software I use will use any photo editing software I choose. All I have to do is point the reporting software; via a "browse" button. Then when I need to edit a picture all I do is click the picture and the software will open.

My problem is I use PhotoDraw and it has been installed on my computer for a while. I think it was installed as a package and I can not find the program itself. Yes, I used the Search feature....about a 1000 returns. I find plenty of the shortcuts but not the actual program.

Is there an easy way to find the original program? I don't have this problem with other programs, just window based ones.


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Hi Don:

You have to look for a *.exe (* = the programs startup name such as PhotoDraw.exe). If PhotoDraw resides in its own directory ie. c:\program files\photodraw then look for the *.exe there. The way to look for it would be to (if your using windows XP) hit start, go to my computer, click on the C: drive, click on program files, click on the directory that PhotoDraw is in and look for the *.exe.

After you find it, remember where it was, start your report software and repeat the process.

Most newer programs will install to c:\program files. Older ones might install themselves right off the c drive such as c:\PhotoDraw.

You can put a shortcut to windows explorer on your desktop too (bypassing start, my computer, clicking on c:drive etc). If interested let me know and I'll walk you through it.

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