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Green Energy / Heat Reflecting Roof Paint


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Hi Guys,

My name is Phil Thomson from Guardian Roofing here in Australia.

My question is does your government support and encourage the use of heat reflecting coatings for both commercial and domestic use. As we become more green conscious, i have been getting many more requests for its use.

Will there ever be some sort of rebate?

Test by government bodies have agreed with independent tests that the reflective paint does work quite substantially.

The paint has a limited life span and obviously will need re-coating again at some stage, but its use can be justified.

What are you thoughts?

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Don't expect any Federal (US Gov't.) advocacy, but here in Chicago, we're supposed to use it modified systems, or use a granular modified.

Being Chicago, our Buildings Dept. doesn't enforce much; they're too busy dealing with indictments for bribe taking and felonious action by the inspectors.

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Here in California there is a "cool roof" statute in place. it is part of our title 24 requirements under the CBC (modified IBC). Performance of cool roofs is good and as you say the coating needs to be maintained due both to degradation and also dirt that accumulates through the life of the coating. It is very effective in southern California.

Areas farther north, and in colder climates do not benefit as much, buildings in cold zones do not benefit from thawing of snow due to solar gain during the winter. There is some discourse as to how much money it would save. I think some of our fiends in Canada could probably shed some light on this for you. I have seen some documents from the Canadian government dealing with these issues.

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