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That looks like a metal duct to me. The insulation around it could be an ACM, but it isn't transite. Transite is a silly putty colored concrete like material with visible reinforcement fibers in it that is fashioned into ducts and vent pipes. Generally a metal 'pipe' would transition into transite to pass through a combustable plane of the building and not be completely encased in it.


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Years ago I inspected a 60's era church building, for a start-up congregation, that was built on a slab with transite ducts. The original church members were dying off (pun intended) and could no longer keep up with the utility bills and building maintenance. With a wood plank over beam roof system in both the chapel (18/12 slope) and meeting rooms (flat), you can imagine how high the gas bill must have been.

To make the property more salable the broker/agent recommended installing new furnaces and adding Central Air. His heating contractor made no mention of transite ducts, probably wanted to make a quick sale. I show up and opened up the "can of worms" when I removed the first register cover.

The new congregation elders thanked me, and decided to built new, the broker/agent didn't.

Ezra Malernee

Canton, Ohio

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