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  1. I see my name mentioned and would like to respond. Terry (safe sailing) had me help on several Mc-Mansions as we both used the same Report (Palm Tech). But I don't believe the "Report" is the most important part of the Inspection. If you have trouble sleeping, take a Home Inspecting Report to bed and read it. Results of the Inspection is what matters, so my emailed Reports have the summary (with Pictures) up front. As a ASHI member, I have to follow their Standards and issue a full report. The interaction with the buyer at the Inspection is just as Important. I won't leave the house until I have answered all the buyers questions. Thanks to my fellow Inspectors that mentioned my name.
  2. Try emailing, calling or texting our Executive Director, Carol Case. carol@greatinspectors.com Call or Tes; 734 284-4501 Call or Carol Case, Executive Director
  3. Google Lincoln Highway Association, maps of the old Road for all states are on the site. The Lincoln BuyWay Yard Sale is coming up on the 13-15 of August and I think our National Convention is being held in Gettysburg next year.
  4. Talked to owner today as I was picking up Radon CRM (22.3 pCi/L, maybe that is causing it, said with tongue-in-cheek). PEX is 10 years old. Took another closeup picture of a fitting behind the well pressure tank.. Owner runs dehumidifier, setting two feet away, all summer. Could someone not have put as much pressure on the rings as is required? Can the clamping tool get out of calibration? Click to Enlarge 31.27 KB Bigger problem may be this 200 Amp panel next to the john. Click to Enlarge 35.38 KB
  5. Click to Enlarge 32.84 KB Click to Enlarge 42.6 KB Cannot find a picture on the internet that looks like the fittings above. Looks like Brass fittings with a black steel compression ring. House was built in 1978. Recalls mention Zern with stainless steel rings and IPex with a zinc rich fitting. Can someone direct me to a website that I can add to the report.
  6. What Kurt wrote. Go to a meeting of North Central ASHI or the Ohio Chapter of ASHI, stand up and announce that you are willing to work for peanuts and sign a non-compete contract. Someone in Cleveland or Lake county is got to be looking to expand eastward.
  7. That school money would be better spent giving it to a nearby Inspector to be his lackey for however long it takes for you to learn the ropes.
  8. Like your X1/9, My wife wanted one bad back in 78, but I couldn't sit in it with the top on, so we traded in my 124 Coupe for 124 Spider. Then when the first kid came we got a 131 station-wagon. Good luck on your Inspector search.
  9. Jeremy, What is the substrate? If it is the concrete block, I could not find where this product is made for that type of application on the BASF Acrocrete website. I would email or call them to get more info.
  10. Mid-Century Modern is a new class of historic houses (some are listed on the National Register) that is starting to take off. Google Retro Renovation and you may find a picture of that door. I think they list 59 Mid-Century House Museums on their site. If you don't want to clean it up, try listing on Ebay or take it to a old house salvage yard and see what you can get for it. Somebody that wants to bring back poodle skirts and bobby socks will want it.
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