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TISQUANTUM - The Benefits of Finding a Mentor


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by Matt Michel

Tisquantum was a member of the Wampanoag nation. He met John Weymouth, an explorer who taught him English and brought him to Britain. Tisquantum became homesick for Patuxet, his home village. He returned home.

After returning home, Tisquantum was captured by a British slaver who raided Patuxet. The slaver sold Tisquantum to the Spanish in the Caribbean. With the help of a Franciscan priest, Tisquantum was able to escape and make his way to Spain and then, England. Tisquantum looked up his old friend, John Weymouth. Weymouth paid for Tisquantum’s passage back to Patuxet.

A year after his return, Tisquantum was surprised to see a large group of British encamped near his town. No one knows what Tisquantum thought at the time. We do know he watched and waited. It’s likely he wondered if these were more slavers.

Finally, Tisquantum approached the encampment. The Brits were surprised to be greeted by a “savageâ€

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