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  1. It need more improvement. A plant may add some colors to it. With the right landscaping of course. Re-paint the wall with bright colors .
  2. I agree with Chad. Find another house. It's better to invest on a nice and safe house.
  3. I agree with John... Let us know if you already fix your problem.
  4. Totally Agree with you.. Well explained buddy. That's because they are not good at their jobs. I had an agent once tell me that it's not her job to hold hands during the process. She "shows houses and goes to closings".
  5. I agree with John.. You made a mistake on hiring an inspector. You could find an inspector easily through google or refer from your friends and colleagues it would be much better since they already knew that person well and how it works.
  6. Interesting topic. Guessing game, huh. I guess it would be around more than $80-100k.. And it all depends on the materials and the person who'll be working with it. [:-dunce]
  7. I think you should install a sound gutter around your roof and just Make sure the downspouts, the part of the gutter that runs vertically from the roof gutter to the ground, has extensions so they deposit the water away from the home and slop ground around your home downwards so that will prevent water from collecting immediately around the basement and foundation. Hope that it can help you with your concern.
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