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  1. Hey Gang, I'm not sure if I should be posting this in the roof forum or the tools forum, but I need some feedback either way. Like most of you, I use a telescoping, 14' ladder to reach my roofs. Because its convenient, light weight and versatile, I don't carry anything else. Lately I've been having trouble keeping it steady on the first roof layer when I pull it up to climb up to the next roof. Its starting to slip on the shingles. I have been using it this way for several years now without a problem. I'm not sure if the rubber bumpers on the feet are getting worn down or if I'm just getting fatter than I thought. Any suggestions to keeping it firmly planted on the roof. (I've already considered the 'don't get on the roof' issue, sometimes that's not feasible.)
  2. I have been inspecting for five years now and have only used one ladder; a 15' telescoping ladder. What I cant reach with it I can 99% of the time limb up to that roof, lift the ladder up and climb higher. Its light enough that I can lift it from above, adjusts to many levels, and is small enough to fit in the trunk of my wife's Spectra when my truck is in the shop.
  3. I'm sorry, I should have given more details. The "Open House" is actually held by an outside marketing company that uses about 10-20 local vendors to advertise their wares at little tables that each one provides on their own with all of their stuff they are selling. As a home inspector, I thought that it might be a good idea, specifically for MY BUSINESS, (kind of a lame idea for all the other vendors, which are 99% in NON-related businesses), this way the majority of people coming in would actually benefit from my services, not the others.
  4. I will be having an advertising table at two open houses this month, but have no ideas as to what to display. I have been doing inspections since '06, but this is my first Open House display table. Any ideas? Gregg a FRESH START home inspections Denver CO
  5. Hey guys, new poster to the forum, new inspector in the field as well (4 years.) Its nice to see that regardless of what the homeowners attempt to prove and show us what their version of 'fixed' is, that we still prove that there is a reason we do what we do, and why we do it.
  6. Hey Guys, Thanks a lot for the feedback. I was kind of figuring the same as well, especially when she told me that they would not accept insurance payment on it. Good luck guys (and ladies) and stay warm, stay dry! Gregg
  7. Hey guys, I want to bounce a question off of you all. I had a client call me this afternoon after they had a remediation company come out to repair some flood damage to some broken pipes. She was told by the company that they needed to test the drywall for asbestos before they can remove it all. They want to charge her $600 for this procedure. The house was built in the early 80's and the basement was finished two years ago with new drywall. This is in the Denver, CO area. Has anybody heard about this? Is this a new (or old) law that I was not aware of? State or Federal? I know they stopped selling asbestos products for insulation purposes around the time that this house was built...but I am not aware of any products that were built within the several years that contain that, let alone drywall. Or are they just trying to take advantage of this poor lady? Quick feedback is appreciated. Thanks Guys! Gregg
  8. Hello all. New to the buisness and looking forward to the combined expertise of those on the board. Had a realtor call up and wants a group fee for anywhere from 5-12 house inspected, possibly within a two week period. The company buys homes and auctions 'em off, all with inspections and appraisals complete. They were looking for a bulk price,(haven't gotten into the details yet as far as sizes, out-buildings, etc...) Got any advise or ideas? Greatly appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Gregg
  9. Has anybody heard of any of the sortware offered by MSI's Legacy Series "MSI's Home Inspector Inspection Report Software"? I see it offered on Ebay, and I ordered a trial CD, but I'm looking to you experianced experts in the field for honest input. (Offered on eBay)
  10. The only thing I like about the fiberglass is its electrical protection, other than that, for price and weight, Im stickin' with Costco! (Almost got the 'Gorilla' at HD, but then saw the Werner Brand at Costco.
  11. Just to let you guys know my input, ive been in the "Cable" buisness for 8+ years and have climbed,carried,dropped my share of ladders, both Aluminum and Fiberglass. I went out and found the "CostCo" 17' ladder for $99. I gotta tell you, I love this thing. Aside from reaching higher than 20', its perfectly effective, (I'm 6'2" and 285 lbs.) This thing supported my weight very easliy, was light enough to carry everywhere, and given my 6'2", my reach height was far above the 17' mark, and I was still not on the top two rungs!
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