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  1. Looks like your ears are sticking way out!! [:-bigmout
  2. It appears as though the Flir E 60 is the direct competitor, going after TIi32 market. From what I can tell they both have detector pixels/size of 320X240, picture in picture, etc. I do see that the Flir E 60 comes with more features. I also see that Flir is having a special with purchase, before June 30, they include 8G I pod to blue tooth your stuff to. The Flir E 60 is a grand cheaper, I just obtained a quote for an E 60 for 7K total, including tax, shipping, etc.
  3. I wonder if they had ice dam issues and figured that they needed increased ventilation, more than the passive vents. Then someone thought they needed to bring air in for the furnace. Then one thing led to another and there ya go.
  4. I have seen natural draft water heaters back draft with only the bath fans turned on.
  5. Sometimes I will suggest a radon system to help control soil gasses and evaporative moisture. I have seen folks tap into the concrete block foundation, install an inline fan to help dry foundation walls. I was surprised but that actually worked pretty well.
  6. He (seller) did not have a pre inspection. This inspection apparently came from a buyer of a few months ago. The agent was also the dual agent in that transaction. The agent tried to get the current buyer, my client, to use that previous report saying that it was just inspected. When my client wanted an inspection anyway the realtor told him to use "her guy". To my clients credit he went home, thought about it and the phrase "my guy" did not set well. He then went on the internet and found me. This is the short version, there were other things that happened during this transaction that my client did not feel that was kosher.
  7. Inspected a home yesterday and was met at the door by the owner who said the home was just inspected and everything was fixed. To his credit, he went and pulled out receipts for radon mitigation, double tap in the breaker panel, etc. This is just a small example of what I found. Oh did I mention the inspector is a realtor for the group that has the listing. The homeowner said that he gave a copy of the previous report to the agent to give to prospective buyers. Unbelievable. Click to Enlarge 43.95 KB Click to Enlarge 31.95 KB
  8. I did that as well. Looked, smelled, tasted like smoke alarm. Pushed button and all !@#$ broke loose. Phone rang, I answered it knowing who it was told her what was going on, inspecting the home. I can hear them laughing in the background and I told them I will still be here when the cavalry comes. Sure 'nuff, police and fire came through the door laughing and making fun of me. [:-monkeyd
  9. I want to get one and ride around Wal Mart with it.
  10. They really like the word Torrance, counted 20 of them before I blanked out.
  11. One should glob on a bunch of polyurethane caulk, but never use silicone. Correct? Saw duct tape the other day. Just one of the many uses. [:-monkeyd Pleeeaaase tell me I win.
  12. I guess the commercials are right, Direct TV does have the most satisfied customers.
  13. Well, in my 16 years of home inspecting I have never had the need to measure such a thing. Now as an energy rater I could possibly see the use for one. I use the fan flow meter from Energy Conservatory (looks like a dish pan with holes in it) and my DG700. Don't use it for home inspections, use it for my RESNET/BPI audits. Before that I used the hand/tissue method, did not know Holmes did it as well, glad I am smart like him.
  14. Maybe the unit had bean burritos for dinner. [:-monkeyd[:-monkeyd
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