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  1. It would probably largely depend on what the issue was. Traffic felonys range from a class D DWI to hit and run fatalities, felony resisting, etc. Only your state can answer that question.
  2. Look for a wholesale distributor. We have one about 30 miles north of Indianapolis that sales to the general public. As far as the sizing goes, unless your present equipment was not sized correctly you shouldn't go wrong with duplicating what you already have. If you have an old low efficiency, you may be able to downsize slightly if you go with a higher efficiency furnace. As far as the a/c goes, resist the urge to go large thinking that it will cool better. A unit too large will reduce the temperature to satisfy the thermostat fairly quickly and shut off (short cycle). This reduces the
  3. Looks like something from another world to me. Have you contracted NASA yet? Give me the address and I'll do it for you! Seriously, I think that it was an orange Koosh Ball (the very soft plastic balls with all of the tentacles) that someone threw up there and due to the low slope and the softness of the ball, it never rolled off. Add the heat of the sun against the reasonably dark shingles and you have an orange glob.
  4. You need to remind them that it was they who had the crisis, not you. The buyer and the realtor knew when they made the deal what the contingencies stated, yet they waited until the day befor it was due to find an inspector. They both dropped the ball on this and were lucky that you were willing to help out. You could always add an inconvienence fee. Maybe, just maybe you actually were played. It sounds like you were since the realtor didn't even check her e-mail for this important report before calling you. Remember this next timeyou havedealings with this realtor.
  5. Short Answer... With enough sheet metal, you can physically match the evaporator coil up to any size furnace that you want to. The evaporator coil is what gets installed at the furnace. Long answer... One question is, will you have enough air flow across the coil? A 5 ton unit is really a huge unit and unless you have a HUGE house, it will be too large. It may cool the home down, but not run long enough to turn the air over and remove the humidity. Ducts may be too small, cooler air is more dense and harder to push through the ducts. Correct answer... H
  6. I was busy once on a remodeling project at home and sent my wife to Lowe's for junction boxes, cover plates and cable clamps. She doesn't know one from another so I told her to get the sales associate to help her. Shortly after getting to the store she calls me bacause the person at the stoor did not know what she was talking about. I tried to tell him what I wanted and after about 3 minutes told him that he needed to find someone else who knows electrical items to help her but he said that he was the only one there and assured me that he could get her what I needed. She arrived back home
  7. Doesn't matter when they were required by code. They should be installed now to improve safety when navigating these steps. What was the height of those risers, they look awfully short. What's up with the vents under the porch slab?
  8. Not only is it unsafe, but it is also UGLY!
  9. Unless you have physically piped the water supply to the bottom of the tanks, I would put the dip tube back in. Make sure that the tpr's are in place and operational. This will help with temperature control in case it gets too hot. Another option would be to place them at a level higher than the heat source and take advantage of thermo siphoning using copper tubing. Google "thermo siphoning" for more info. Place a pan under them, move the assembly to another area of the home if you are worried about looks. In reality, this isn't going to be pretty anyway. BTW, I did this several years a
  10. The home has been rewired and the power for that area is coming from somewhere other than that panel.
  11. I am always open to constructive criticism and will change my boiler to reflect that I recommend either replacement of this panel or an in depth evaluation by a licensed electrician who has knowledge and experience with FPE panels. I still can not see demanding replacement if it can be effectively made to perform safely. That is almost like saying that every pit bull needs to be euthanized at birth due to the potential of another pit bull attacking and maiming a child.
  12. Umm.......Les, see the quote below from the original statement above.
  13. I do not provide free re-inspections, nor do I spend money anymore on brochures. They usually end up in the trash. Good looking, professional business cards and thorough inspections will get you more business than brochures, IMO.
  14. You have to remember that there is a failure rate in everything mechanical. Whether it is a FPE panel or a Square D, there is the possibility that the breakers will not trip when overloaded, there is just a much higher occurance in FPE panels. Remember that not all of the FPE breakers are faulty, just the majority of them. If all of the breakers do trip at the stated load (unlikely), they are not an issue. Unless I see signs that that breakers have not tripped (overheated breaker, panel, wires, etc.) I can not tell by looking at them if they will operate as they are supposed to. I have had som
  15. Unless I see signs of overheated wiring/breakers, I would not automatically recommend a replacement of the FPE panel. I do place a statement in the report about the issues surrounding these panels and recommend that the entire panel be evaluated by a licensed electrician to determine what actions should be taken. This notifies the client about potential issues and places the liability on the electrician, should he/she say that it is fine and doesn't need replacement. I do let the client know that if I were buying the home, I would WANT to replace the panel, but unless an issue was found by the
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