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  1. Perhaps, then, you'll favor us with a short, concise discussion of the "arc" symbolism in "Gravities Rainbow" and whether the opening line is, in fact, the first manifestation of that thematic congruence? No more, say, than two blue books, skipping lines and writing on once side of each leaf? Opps.... wrong forum TTFN
  2. I find it ironic that in a thread about writing skills, the term boilerplate has been almost entirely mis-used - it is not cruddy, bad writing reproduced ad nauseam. At least for legal documents (which our reports are, in that they may face scrutiny by legal types) boiler plate is language which has proven itself as effective and highly resistant to attack. "Boiler plate" is good. Ask your attorney if you can't just cut the boiler plate out of your contract: "It's just boiler plate, isn't it?" Crappy writing isn't the same thing. And, I believe, one element of good writing is accuracy of expression
  3. Unfortunately, neither can many of the people who write for some of the software companies.
  4. It appears there has been some relationship found: From the Dallas News: "The city [Frisco] began studying the issue last year after fire officials noted that in at least six fires in the last two years the point of origin could be linked to the flexible steel piping. In November, the manufacturers temporarily agreed to stop selling the product in Frisco to give the city time to study the issue. "Fire Marshal Don Fernandez said the city determined that lightning strikes on homes that had black steel piping did not cause fires. Gas leaks did occur, as they had with the flexible tubing, he said." And I think this is the same link that didn't work in the other message: http://www.selectinspect.com/pdf/FRISCO ... %20ban.pdf
  5. rjw

    Gas Vent?

    Is the camera poited up? Down, 30 degrees, straight down? Is the drywall seam in the ceiling? I just can't figure out how the pic is oriented. FWIW, I've begun using 2 shots for many of my report pics: one wide for "orietation" and one detail.
  6. Brain fart I guess - First time I've been wrong about something Just ask my ex....
  7. The ASHI Ethics prohibit it. None the less, evean as a member I will recommend some contractors when I am familiar with their work and confident of their abilities. I don't recommend the contractors and other trades who cold call me - not that I have anything against cold calling, but I need that higher level of knowledge.
  8. As Bill said, likely a collapsed baffle, or other obstruction of the flue; possibly (rare, but I've seen it) air curtain effect around the draft hood when the draft is so high the air pulled in around the skirt blocks flue gases getting out of the internal flue. (The only way I know of to confirm an air curtain is with O2 readings with a combustion analyzer) Aside from that, scale buildup in a 22 year ood water heater would typically cost an extra $400 -500 a year in increased efficiency (assuming the 'typical' scale buildup of 1/10" +/- a year.)
  9. Is that 3' rule local or new? As I understand the GAMA rules, it's 2' above any vertical surface within 10' and distance above the roof depends on pitch, with the minimum being less tahn 3' (I don't have my table with me right now)
  10. What Chris said: If you look closely at them, you'll see the "upper busses" are separated from the lower branch circuit busses.
  11. Whenever I run across the actual installation manuals, if I have "alone time" I glance over them (while my client is reading and signing the contract) There is significant variation between manufacturers and even models. I prefer to avoid creating an impression in my client that I am responsible for knowing the installation specifics for every model of 90+ If I have seen a 'potential' problem and find a specific reference in an available installation manual, I'll use it, but I otherwise leave it to "the experts." Size/length of the vent depends on model, angles, etc. Charts required. Pitch: my understanding is they should always be pitched back 1/4" ft back to the furnace. FWIW, the biggest mistake I see is that they discharge too low above grade: in the US, every manual I have seen says 12" above grade or the 'anticipated snow cover, 18" in Canada"
  12. Close, but no cigar. Those ducts might decrease the negative air pressure in the area of the returns if they are poorly sealed and localize/"focus" makeup air supply when exhaust fans are run. OTOH, if those installers have really figured out how to pressurize a house simply with 6" duct work, find out how they do it and file a patent and you can retire as the richest man on earth.
  13. And how about 1. access and floor decking for service 2. cleanace between the flue and truss (looks ok, but ...?)
  14. Mike, you might want to press your BB vender to work on the firefox incompatibility (&/or check you usage statistics) IE is now reported to be under 80% usage in the US. I use Mozilla myself, and I really have to want to post a pic to open IE and manuever back to the thread just to post a pic Most times that I think of posting one I don't bother.
  15. rjw

    Gas Vent?

    How is the picture oriented?: looking up. down across? What's going on with the PEX behind the truncated 2x? Could the PVC be acting as a "conduit for the CSST?
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