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  1. Zinsco breakers are still made and are U. L. or similary approved. I agree that the old boxes are frequently a problem, but if I find nothing wrong ( usualy there is some do it your self work that you can use for a reason for an electrin to repair) I state: "Older box of questional design. Should be inspected by licensed Elsctrion." I let them be the heavy.
  2. Some time ago I was asked to reinspect a house on which an ASHI inspector had missed $25,000.00 worth of damages. I never saw such a poor job. When the Washingtion State Department of Pest Complience investigated they Suspended the first time OK rule and suspended his lisence for a good long time. When all this was sent to ASHI and asked that he be suspended for an ethicks violation, they refused saying thath is not their policy. I feel that if ASHI does not enforce their ethicks rules they are a paper tigar and will soon be found out. I recently told a relocation compony that I was no longer ASHI if tht meant any thing. The owner said that yes you finaly got smart. I guit as a protest of their incompatence because without enforcement they are only branding a false immiage. My business is as good as ever.
  3. I feel sorry for you who do not live in God's country. It warm enough out here that it does not warrent the expense of a heat pump, and cool enough in summer that air conditioners are rear. Right now it is 55 degrees out at 1 P. M.
  4. Some ten years ago or more Fine Homebuilding had an excelant article on this subject. Of course new cement morter is too rigid and can also snap off the face of the old soft brick. I think Fine Homebuilding is avalable on the net.
  5. They did not think that they had to paint the cut ends and bottem of LP siding either. need I say more, I call it.
  6. Look closely folks. It is a 120 system not 240 or the ground is not connected to the house. also it is attached to metal siding. Siding I beleave should be grounded or this is not a good connection point. It is amazeing how people will spend big dollers on the looks of a house and not a penny on the electrical update they obveously need. Kurt, did I see it correctly?
  7. There is nothing like the wisdom of many independent business people. That is good and we are small business people because we want to do it "Our Way". But we need to make a common effort to present a united frount to edjucate the world about what a good home inspection is. ASHI is the best solution to that answer, I have noted. I have a drgree in marketing, but I do not want to spend all of my time marketing for others, so untill we do it as a team we will all flounder. Or to use an old saying, "let us all hang tohether or we will all be hung seperately."
  8. I will share my comments on boiler plate. send me a E mail at angevine@fidalgo.net
  9. I wish people would read the arguments before they voted. But why should this be different. In Washington State we are required to be licensed as pest inspectors. This is a mixed blessing but it does nothing to keep the real estste agents form calling you dumb and choosing a less critical inspector. Linceing is bunk, and I hope those who want it realize that the real estate lobby is one of the largest in the country. If we are licensed it will be on real estate frendly rules. Unless the few inspcetors can fund a loby that will conteract 25 years of R-Pack monies. If I had millions of dollers I would retire and not waist my time fighting the big R.
  10. Note: there are two ways for a breaker to trip. One is with a celinoid and the other is with a heat switch. The older Federal, Zinsco and Zinsco Sylvanya only used a heat switch. Many years ago the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, (IAEI) {THEY WRITE THE CODE BOOK} felt that the heat only breaker was unsafe and outlawed it for new applications. Unfotrunaly the code only applies to new work so there is no law requireing them to be removed. But home inspectors are not code inspectors. We only comment safe of unsafe. So if I find a railing with 8 inch spaces I say unsafe. If I find a heat only breaaker I say unsafe. I further advise that they get a Licensed Contractor to inpsect the box if they want further evaluation. I do not know of any contractor who will put his reputation on the line, and suffer futher libility for these antiquated boxes. There is no reason why we should stick our neck out to keep the real estste industry happy. I have a one page flyer that I add to every such inspection I do. I gave it to a Electrical Contractor who is also using it. Contact me and I will make it avalable to all who are intrested. For those with camerias we have a sight that is collecting pictures of bad Zinsco boxes. If you want to share any any you have please contact me at angevine@fidalgo.net.
  11. But in Washington State that inspector must be or also be a licensed pest inspector under the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
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