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  1. I took the SC test about 13 years ago and the NC test right after so it has been some time. I would recommend taking one of the pass the test seminars that are offered around the Carolinas to help pass the test. The one thing i do remember is there were questions that had nothing to do with building science and you need to carefully read the SC statute and SC administrative code for these. They account for about 10-20% of the test so if you miss them it does not leave much leeway... You are welcome to call or email me directly
  2. I use a camping hat, weatherproof jacket and if its real bad and cant wait it out i use a trash bag poncho
  3. It is cedar vertical siding and it comes in a couple of formats. Like everything else it still requires maintenance and care but can last if it is maintained. It was popular in the 1970s and 1980s
  4. You can get the same type of heater with propane, they use the same canisters you use for your gas grill and they are much cleaner
  5. The drones have been around for quite a while, but the software is now making them more usable for the novice. They are very stable platforms with the software, without it it takes military training. I have the Phantom 2 vision and I have no practice or experience flying anything or gamer experience. I have found it easy to use with one exception. If the guidance system does not lock in...do not fly it unless you are an expert. I had one major issue when flying it (during the first month) because I was in stupid mode and the GPS was not locked. It crashed and burned but I sent it in and they r
  6. Lets hope Fords new attempt to lighten the load by changing to aluminum chassis works. It would be nice if we had more LP versions as well. Way back in the 1979- 1980 era I had a small Fiord Diesel pick (similar to the Ranger) with a utility body (Reading) and it got great fuel mileage
  7. This seems to be more of an issue when the plank is one piece across the entire window than when there is a joint somewhere under the middle of the window.
  8. Insurance companies can have their own standards. Some require handrails for one step and will not insure a new policy with a roof older than ten years.
  9. I was a devoted copper user for years but i always used "L" not "M". When i finally changed to CPVC...well we all know the issues with CPVC. After much hub-bub I switched to Pex for all projects and have had no issues... for 15 years The issues i hear about are all related to workmanship and the fittings.
  10. I'm thinking if you are a setter the John will be OK but if you are not it could hurt! Seriously...how do these thing happen, which came first the service panel of the sink and the toilet?
  11. At 6-2 and 240-250 lbsl I cannot trust the telescoping ladders and have a small little giant i carry up to a second floor roof or thru a window to a second floor roof or use for interior scuttle holes, i am seriously looking at the Drones.
  12. I have two versions of the little Giant ladders, one that i use inside or on a lower roof to reach a higher roof (it is a 17 foot when fully extended) and the big 26 foot one they sell that get used outside. They are both rated enough to support my 250lb mass and light enough to haul around. Before i purchased the 26 footer i used a 32 fiberglass ladder that has just gotten to heavy for even me!
  13. Depending on where in Jersey it may be a burglar deterrent!
  14. Similar issues here in NC. WE are all waiting for the lawsuits!
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