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  1. Whats with the bottom two where the conductors are completely gone, only the ends visible? Nice picture, BTW.
  2. Radio antenna insulator (what's it doing in the basement?) Considering the clues, I'd say it's an old mast light.
  3. According to Jim, he was asked to look at the job by a contractor he occasionally works with. He was asked to look at the only two issues that the home inspector had noted - no flexible metallic conduit on the water cable conductors and no heater in one of the bedroom. He took it upon himself to at least look in the panel before adding a heater; that's when he found what you see in the photos below. Besides the electrical stuff, there isn't any discharge tube on the T & P valve and there isn't any seismic restraint on the tank. Don't know if the "inspector" noticed these issues or not. W
  4. Brian G is a Good Man we all know and miss He kept the electricians on their toes He taught us all how neutrals and grounds don't mix Kept us up on all of sparky's ridiculous tricks BUT was mainly a sane voice in this devient mix of home inspectors and self appointed GODS (sorry, I couldn't make that rhyme). In the memory of Brian, But for the grace of God we all go that way, let's put some HUMOR back in this forum!! All of you, Don't take things so damnded seriously! As somebody said, It's just a job! Good luck Brian! I respect you alot! (Brian, read quickly, this is likely to get
  5. The only reason current seeks a ground is because the power companies chose to do it that way. Current seeks it's source. If transformers weren't using the earth as a conductor, you wouldn't be having this discussion.
  6. C'mon Jim, The exterior metal housings of these appliances are bonded to the grounding conductor. If they are ungrounded and there is a ground fault, the housing of the appliance is now hot. The metal housing of any appliance or tool that has a 3-prong plug is involved in the proper grounding of that tool or appliance and should be plugged into a grounded receptacle.
  7. Price shoppers never need to call when you when you list prices on the web. Sales 101 You might me missing some biz. EXACTLY! Now you're getting it!
  8. Well Bill, I guess you're having a bad day since you are one of about a dozen on this site that uses their real name.
  9. I don't like any web based service that won't tell you the fees on the website. Including inspectors.
  10. FYI, Kurt, your camera is way out of focus. Check your crown molding.
  11. Bill, you of all people should know that a pseudonym, historically speaking, is not an anonymous response. Especially from somebody so revered.
  12. So I take it you don't agree with my business philosophy?
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