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  1. hi thanx guys for the info. was very useful. I think the make of the dryer is maytag. I appreciate the help.[:-thumbu]
  2. hi do you know when you know you read something in your book, then later on you need this info you go back and can't remember under what topic was it? dryer vent is maxed to a certain lenth in ducting hose and with elbow reduction if it's 45 or 90 degree elbow the max span on duct changes to a lesser lenght. 1. any info on that? 2. what is the standard for the hight of the outside dryervent , the one I have is against the floor. witch would make it even with the back of the dryer vent exit. can't tell if the hose going up the cieling and at the out side wall going down to the floor and out of the house, if that the case is that ok.
  3. in my area no more open riser, should be closed and as far as the bottom of the stairs should be sitting on a 12"x12"x48" footing
  4. I don't think tony is coming back. I just saw him running down the block in a hurry.
  5. hi I live in lower westchester area and I live in a house was built in 1952 so is the rest of the houses on the block, all of them has 3 phase pannel, I was told by a con edison worker that around that time it was common in some areas to provide the 3 phase power was no code for it then.
  6. hi I got one. and just pushased the blades, each cost $31.00 . I'll check lowes for the blades I go through them fast. thanx for the info chad. it's awsome tool.
  7. hi when ever I do rough plumbing for a shower or a tub I use the standard measure for the hight of a shower head from the finish floor 80" unless the person using the shower is a tall person he would ask to bring it up to 84" or the hight he's comfortable with. all plumbers in lower new york area work on this standard, i'ts not a code though.
  8. hi joe you can get yourself a cd player and plug it to your ears and make beleave you're listening to music, at this point you have reasonable excuse why you're not answering. aslong you don't look there way. and have fun with that.[:-party]
  9. hi this was very interesting mike, does anyone here know what schools provide termite inspection classes close to NY state?
  10. hi if the tub is set for bath only we call it deck mount. and if the tub surounded with walls and has the horisental step we call it the tub ledge
  11. Hi I can see your point Chad; which makes more sense. In my part it was just a guessing solution to the problem, I guess in another words, if it's done wrong and it works it doesn't make it right.
  12. I would recommend to use paper towel picker upper and hefty or glad the heavy duty plastic bags. isn't this the code?
  13. Isn't it best to observe from the many inspection we do in the area we work at how the majority of exhaust fans are ducted; especialy in new costruction which would pass building code inspection and make a recommendation to clients from there? Since no harm comes from exhaust fans in bathrooms, and it's not a hazard or safety measure, as far as moisture could be trapped in attics from different areas other than exhaust fans, but that wouldn't mean that it's not good venting a system in the attic.
  14. hi: my specialty is bathroom renovations, and I have delt with all kinds of exhaust fan. and all been vented to the attic, and as builiding inspectors come for inspecting the bathroom they look at the way the fan is vented. all they recommend is that the fan is ducted and if it is ducted to the attic to make sure that the back draft flap is working and the duct hose is as close as possible to the gable vent or any other vent system in the attic to pull the moisture out of the attic.
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