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  1. Here's one from two weeks ago. The elapsed time is serveral hours, probably because we have union termites here. If we inspectors had a union, there would be 1 inspection per day with (2) 15 minute breaks and a lunch. That's when the profession 'matures' of course...
  2. Guys, you have to stop! It was bad enough seeing those poor, ugly kids in the picture, but to see you guys carrying on has me in stitches!
  3. If you all started an HI org with the level of expertise and professionalism I'd expect, I'd join on day 1. No question.
  4. Well it would be tough after that to say "signs of damage, likely due to wood-destroying insects. See a licensed exterminator..." What did you do for the clients? Tell them were termites, or just show them the video and let them decide?
  5. Clients do appreciate it when I tell them the same. But it's always verbal if they're standing there while I just spent 10 minutes figuring out the master bath controls all the bathrooms or something... Never goes in the report. BTW, this is an awesome pic. Genius!
  6. If we're on Facebook, we can control who can see what. There's a reason they make you mark items as viewable by "Everyone". They really mean it! I'm with Jim. If you have sensitive info posted out there, it's your own fault.
  7. Thank you all for your input!! In case you're curious, here's the response I just sent. Hello Mr. K, This is a follow up to our discussion yesterday on inspection report 20100124. After reviewing the situation, I've determined that it would be inappropriate to create any type of amendment or change to the report. This is based on two reasons: 1. The request for this inspection was an agreement between MGT COMPANY and me, and they have no interest in receiving any follow-up reporting completed. If a follow up is required, please have them request this with specific items to be addressed. I performed a standard home inspection as requested and followed the Tennessee standards of practice in testing each item. (Note the attachment section 9.E.4.) 2. The items that you were concerned about, namely the phone and coax cables, the 1/4 inch holes in the porch, and the fireplace having wood instead of gas inserts, are not in the standards of practice as items to be inspected, or are far too minor to be worthy of editing a report, and in my professional opinion were not handled in a way that affects the home's value or safety. If these items were changed while you were away, in a way that is unacceptable to you, this is something for you to address with your property management company, the tenant, or the vendor who you hired to do the work. The issue with the wall behind the refrigerator is something to be addressed with them as well, as this was hidden by the refrigerator during the inspection. Other than that, I'm bound to limiting my interaction on this subject to MGT COMPANY unless they request a meeting with the 3 of us together on the phone. I'm sorry I'm not in a position to do more at this time. Thank you, (signature) I'm sure it will just go away now. Yeah right!
  8. Thanks guys. I did try explaining these items to him. I told him dealing with coax and phone lines aren't part of the inspection and they were just avoiding drilling a hole, which I didn't see as a big deal. And thanks for confirmation on the conduit. I had seen it a bunch of times, but not usually a run that long, and not usually attached to brick so it did seem a bit odd. Good point, Mike, about getting signoff from the customer directly. I'm sure he did pay for it. Will do that in the future. Time to gently back out of the situation... If anyone else has more ideas, I'll be standing by a few hours on this one.
  9. An update for you. I got a hold of the mgt company to let them know what's happening and she said "I'd suggest you don't." Apparently he's a guy who tries to get out of paying for anything...including an HVAC system which he hasn't paid for a year later. And which he made the tenants do without for the 3 winter months while he shopped for better prices. And he throws the S word around a lot... That's right SUE. Now I don't intend to edit the report, but I want to give him a response in writing via email. I think.
  10. Hey all, I need a bit of advice. I got a call for an inspection for a property management company about 2-3 months ago. They told me the current owner is out of the country. I didn't worry too much about it and did the inspection as usual. They called me about 2 weeks ago to let me know the owner was coming to town and had a few questions, so expect a call. I got a call Monday and he was concerned about some 'missed' items or things he thought I should've included in the report. He started talking about cables going in through crawlspace vents and said they were electrical cables he thought was a big issue. I took it seriously and met him on site. I get there and found that he's EXTREMELY picky. He was concerned about things like scratches on walls and trim, and a coax cable coming through the floor. Apparently he left in 2006 and there were some changes made while he was gone, and they weren't done to his standards. So now he's asking me to include these on an ammendment to the report. So my ask of you all is twofold. 1. Since my contract is with the property mgt company, what lines should I draw as to providing him with docs or information? I let him know I was concerned and would get back to him, but I may have to deliver any updates to the property management company. 2. Would you have called out the following items, or would you provide an update with them now? -- Long run of phone and coax cable on the side of the house (20 ft, fastened to brick with screws/clips), then goes into a crawlspace vent. It does prevent the vent from fully closing, but I always recommend these stay open year round anyway. There were plants here when I did the initial inspection so it didn't stand out. I see no safety or major issue worth calling out here. He wants it in conduit and not going through the vent. And a single phone wire on other side of house going in through vent. Click to Enlarge 69.49 KB Click to Enlarge 50.42 KB -- Small holes in front porch - 4 of them. These look like they were drilled for a termite treatment then not filled in. They should be filled, but how small of a thing is this? Click to Enlarge 86.49 KB -- Also I didn't get a pic but I did miss something real. In the fireplace, under the charred wood and rack was a gas pipe. They had capped it and covered the gas shutoff with carpet. I plan to just advise him to not use the fireplace for wood burning with that pipe present. He insists that there were gas logs when he left and wants them back. Really I just don't want to get between these folks but I get the feeling I'm being set up to lose. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  11. That thing rocks! Let's see... RC truck or Infrared camera for this month's budget...
  12. I had one so tight I could only get halfway back, but I'm glad I did. They had the center beam of the house held up by 4 jacks that had no footers and weren't secured to the beam. I actually was able to grab it and move it around, which scared me right out of there. I could get just close enough to get a picture and let them know the whole set needed corrected. The seller was...not pleased. I can't imagine it's cheap to get people to work in an area with less than 10" clearance. 170 lb frame and I was almost touching my chest to the joists!
  13. As a new guy myself, I think you Jimmy should place your name in that hat as well. The amount of knowledge that the members of this forum have is mind numbing. Kudos to all who take the time to help folks like myself who strive to be better. Ditto to that. When you guys drop the knowledge I sometimes think I'm just too green... I know a little about a lot. Some of you guys seem to know a lot about it all, from foundation through the roof. Just amazing. I look forward to working with you guys for years to come. And I've come to realize you are my new workmates, we just don't have desks next to each other. Thanks for making this a great office!
  14. Bill, I just had water come from my nose.[:-crazy] Not too often something comes along to make me completely lose composure, but that pic did it!
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